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Lori Little (Founder), Dr. Charles Stanley, Kay Arthur, Elizabeth George, Jill Briscoe and more have partnered together to reach Single Moms

  • Single Moms are the fastest-growing population in the world
  • Single Moms are the highest unchurched population in the world
  • 95% of Single Moms are unchurched
  • 18 Million Single Moms in U.S – 17 Million are unchurched
  • 37 Million Children live with a Single Mom
  • 53% of the births in 2011 are children of Single Moms under 30
  • The already small number of Single Moms in the church are leaving at a rapid pace
  • Single Moms feel both judged and that they do not fit in at church

How can you provide an effective ministry to this ever expanding segment of the population of teen, never married, divorced or widowed single moms? Let me help you Build the Bridge between your Church and the Single Moms.

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The solution is the 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom DVD Bible Study Kit and book!
Churches all over the world are using the 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom DVD Bible Study and book as a:

  • Post Divorce Class
  • Small/Life/Connection/Care/Home Groups
  • Sunday Morning classes
  • A Safe Place in the Church for Single Moms

These 21 Principles provide real Biblical Solutions to real life issues for single moms.

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