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Finally a book for single moms like no other! Whether you are a teen single mom, never married single mom, divorced single mom or widowed single mom, the 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom book is for you. This book for single moms will encourage you to flourish in the midst of your overwhelming circumstances, leading you to live a life of purpose and meaning, focus and order, balance and harmony.

The 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom book is designed for a single mom, by a single mom. The Principles in this single mom book will take every single mom to a new level by equipping you with positive instruction and practical tools that will inspire you to be a healthy single mom raising health children.

In this inspiring book for single moms, Lori takes you on journey of lifetime of how to live in victory being a single mother. The 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom book are 21 verses of scripture the Lord gave Lori one night when she just wanted to give up and quit after being a single mom for two years. Lori became a single mom when her son Eric was just eighteen months old, and he is sixteen years old now.

The Lord promised Lori that night if she followed these 21 verses of scripture, everything was going to be OK for her as a single mom. Lori spent the next seven years researching those 21 verses inside and out Biblically, along with anything she could find in the Christian bookstore that related to the topic of that scripture to create this book for single moms. She then built a model and life plan for herself as a single mom off of each scripture that she lives out faithfully every day. God was right! Everything is OK and she is “flourishing” in life as a single mom from the 21 Principles. Her son Eric is doing terrific also! He is deeply involved in his church, a straight “A” honor student and captain of his high school basketball and golf team.

The 21 Principles book for single moms can be used as an individual or Small Group tool for study in the church or home. Every 21 Principles Single Mom book comes with access to the 21 Principles On-Line Interviews with Lori and her friends that were raised by a single mom, or that were a single mom such as Kay Arthur, Dr. Charles Stanley, Elizabeth George, Dr. John Trent and Jill Briscoe to name a few. The 21 Principles Single Mom Book also comes with free downloadable posters and personal invitations to promote your group in the church or community, along with free discussion questions and workbook.

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The 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom DVD and Book for Single Moms

Principle 1: The Principle of HOPE
Single moms can live a life of purpose and meaning, focus and order, balance and harmony by placing their hope in God. Learn to be a healthy single mom raising healthy children.
Audio Speaker: Lori Little

Principle 2: The Principle of IDENTITY
The only person you are is the one God says you are. Be free from poor self esteem and insecurity by understanding who God is and who you are in Him.
Audio Speaker: Dr. Joe and Kathy Wasmond

Principle 3: The Principle of VICTORY
Be free from guilt, shame, unforgiveness and negative programming from the past by resolving your personal and spiritual conflicts. Learn how to live victoriously in Christ’s freedom instead of bondage.
Audio Speaker: Dr. Joe Wasmond

Principle 4: The Principle of INFLUENCE
As the spiritual leader of your home, you must first learn how to let God lead you. Understand how to drive your children to God instead of the world.
Audio Speaker: Dr. Charles Stanley

Principle 5: The Principle of COMMUNION
When you pray with others about the things that concern you and when you pray with direction and purpose, God reveals his wonderful plan. Watch the wonderful things that will happen.
Audio Speaker: Stormie Omartian

Principle 6: The Principle of THE WEDDING
You are the Bride of Christ and God is your husband during this season. This is the time to be devoted to God, and focus on your place in life today.
Audio Speaker: Jill Briscoe

Principle 7: The Principle of SEASONS
Become a woman of excellent moral character and flourish as a woman and single mother. Learn that being a single mom does not diminish your beautiful God-given qualities.
Audio Speaker: Kay Arthur

Principle 8: The Principle of SPEAR THROWING
You must forgive, get along with, speak blessings over, build up and pray for your children’s father. Never teach your children to take up your offense.
Audio Speaker: Lori Little

Principle 9: The Principle of PURPOSE
Let God create a new plan that will enable you to live a life that is both on purpose and successful in all areas of your life.
Audio Speaker: Tammy London (Lori’s personal Life Coach)

Principle 10: The Principle of THE HOURGLASS

Let Him teach you how to be a good manager of your time and you will have more time for yourself, and your children. God can turn chaos into order.
Audio Speaker: Lori Little

Principle 11: The Principle of RESOURCES
You can learn how to manage your money well if you follow biblical advice and use a few simple tools.
Audio Speaker: Brenda Armstrong

Principle 12: The Principle of COMMUNICATION
You can learn how to communicate with your kids in a clear and loving way, particularly when you understand your own personality, and your children’s personality and how they interact with each other.
Audio Speaker: Florence Litteauer

Principle 13: The Principle of SIMPLICITY
You can learn to organize your home, family and yourself; and find peace and comfort in the process. Its about the people first and then the place.
Audio Speaker: Emily Barnes

Principle 14: The Principle of SELF INVESTMENT
Become a storehouse of knowledge to gain wisdom for you to pass on to others in the years to come. These alone times are the perfect opportunity for Satan to attack. Keep your self and your mind active and occupied with the things of God.
Audio Speaker: Elizabeth George

Principle 15: The Principle of STRENGTH
You need a strong body to do all that you have to do in a day and being physically fit allows you to do that. Our bodies are the vehicles we use to do those things which God has purposed for us.
Audio Speaker: Lori Little

Principle 16: The Principle of EXTENSION
When you are totally, unapologetically obedient to Christ your ministry is everywhere you go.
Audio Speaker: Lysa TerKeurst

Principle 17: The Principle of WISE COUNSEL
Avoid the disaster of making decisions in an improper state of mind. Have a mentor or coach/accountability partner that you report to for guidance and wisdom.
Audio Speaker: Lori's Personal Mentors

Principle 18: The Principle of COMMUNITY
Have a healthy, fun, active social life with other families. You are not a second class citizen because you are a single parent.
Audio Speaker: Michelle McKinney Hammond

Principle 19:The Principle of COURTSHIP
Learn how to date with a purpose to find a lifetime partner in a way that is God-centered, not self centered.
Audio Series: Joshua Harris

Principle 20: The Principle of LAUGHTER
Life is about eternity. Have a good attitude about today and the days to come. Learn to be content in your circumstances. Your attitude determines your altitude.
Audio Speaker: Lori Little

Principle 21: The Principle of REWARD
Your reward will be to see the sweet fruits of the Holy Spirit in your children’s lives. They will bless you and praise you for the virtues you lived out and poured into them.
Audio Speaker: Dr. John Trent

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